1. MBFW Swim: Gottex 2013

    Gotex  continues to always maintain one specific characteristic of their swimwear….the fit. From all of the models, you could see how perfectly each swimsuit fit their bodies. Whether it was a high waisted look or sexy one piece, the Gotex line I saw was impeccably form fitting and flattering to each models body. 

    Bold colors in reds, oranges and yellows made up most of the collection. Tropical floral pints were also incorporated in the swimsuit designs, along with colorful turbans gracing all of the models. Long and flowing cover ups in the same shades of the swimsuits also accompanied each swimsuit look the model was wearing. 
    Showcased at the brand new SLS hotel in Miami, the collection was almost as trendy as the location itself. 

    Written by Hannah Rahel. Photos by Getty.
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